A warm welcome back to our highly missed guests! Here are a few of the changes you can expect.

-  Please, if you can, wear a mask in our shared lobby and washrooms. Masks are not necessary at your table.

-Reservations are required for a seat on the patio, you can book online or by calling 519 893 6570. Reservations are weather dependent. 

-We encourage touchless payment methods such as credit or debit tap. 

- Please call the front desk when you have arrived in your vehicle, we will let you know if your table is ready or if there may be a wait time. We will then text you when your Table is ready. 

Above all, enjoy the sunshine, enjoy good company and join us in celebrating the importance of breaking bread together again.  


Our top priority is for our valued guests and staff to be comfortable and looked after. We have taken a number of steps to ensure your wellbeing is looked after while you dine with us. See what we are doing differently during this Stage of re-opening. 


Our Legacy Cocktails are back! Enjoy your favourite cocktails and martinis on our sunny patio!


It’s the place to be social, to relax, to share some great appetizers and serious refreshment. You’ll enjoy the informal surroundings, approachable, made-from-scratch cooking and the careful attention to detail.

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